What Happens to the Rubbish You Put in a Skip?

If you ever find yourself with piles of rubbish you need to get rid of, one of the best solutions is to hire a skip.

UK waste disposal restrictions prevent you from leaving too much rubbish out for the regular collection. Taking several trips to a collection centre can be costly and inconvenient.

Hiring a skip, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to deal with your rubbish. Because skip hire companies have to comply with government legislation, you can be confident the skip hire company will dispose of your rubbish as environmentally friendly as possible.

But what does that mean exactly? If you’re wondering what happens to skip waste, keep reading.

Here at KSD Environmental, we aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible. Currently, we’re pleased to report that we recycle 96.7% of all the waste we collect.

Your waste undergoes some different processes when it first arrives at our depot.


First, we remove any large or bulky items from the skips we collect. Then we sort and separate your waste according to the type of material.

Separating it into categories such as aggregates, metal, plastic, or wood allows us to get your waste ready for processing.

Once your waste has been sorted, it is moved into our loading bays.


What we do next depends on the type of material. It can be either screened, shredded, or compacted before being loaded into large containers. The treatment we use depends on the kind of material.

After it’s loaded into large containers, we will transport it to other locations to undergo more treatment and recycling processes.


The rubbish we receive here at KDS Environmental is dealt with in various ways. If you’re concerned about what happens to skip waste, let’s look at some of the ways your rubbish is treated.

  • Furniture made from wood or chipboard: Items of furniture that are wood or chipboard will be shredded and sent to manufacturers of chipboard to be used again. They could use this shredded material to make new moulded wooden products or new furniture. Shredded wood is also commonly used in energy and horticulture industries.
  • Green waste such as hedge and tree cuttings and grass clippings: Green waste such as grass clippings, hedge, and tree cuttings are sent to specialist facilities. Biodegradable materials are mixed with this shredded waste. It undergoes anaerobic digestion and is then made into compost. This end product can be used in people’s gardens and for landscaping projects.
  • Building site or garden soil: The first step is to remove any large objects and contaminants from the soil. The soil that is left is then screened. After this process, the soil will be transported to be used for land reclamation projects across the country.
  • Hardcore material: Brick, stone, concrete, tiles, glass, and other waste building materials are crushed and turned into hardcore. This material is then used for building projects, house extensions, and to help build driveways.
  • Scrap metal: There is a massive demand for scrap metal, wherever you might be in the world, but particularly in Brazil, India, and China. Before being exported to countries like these, scrap metal collected in our skips is processed. We can also recycle old computers or electrical goods.
  • Other waste materials: Not so long ago, the waste that was left would have ended up in a landfill site. Today, however, we can put it to good use. The waste to energy industry uses much of what is left for generating electricity. No harmful pollutants are produced when your waste is used to produce energy. The processes used are eco-friendly.

Our Zero Waste to Landfill Policy

We have adopted a zero waste to landfill policy to show our commitment to reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Zero Waste to Landfill is a philosophy we try to adhere to. The aim is to reduce our use of landfill sites and maximize the amount of waste we divert from landfills.

As we all know, landfill is not a suitable long-term solution for the disposal of waste. The available space is dwindling, and these sites have a negative impact on the surrounding environment with regards to pollution.

Here at KSD Environmental, we can offer a sustainable solution for your waste disposal needs. We have many years of industry experience, which allows us to provide for our customers a cost-effective and high-quality service that meets your waste disposal needs.

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