40 yd3 Skip Hire

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Our 40 Yd³ Roro Skip Hire Services

Here at KSD Environmental, we proudly offer our 40 yd³ roll on/roll off skip as our largest skip size. Also known as a roro skip, they are very well suited to projects that produce large volumes of waste, due to the extremely large nature of the skips. They have a height of 2.69 metres, a length of 6.07 metres, and a width of 2.23 metres, with a capacity of around 440 bin bags.

Is Our 40 Yd³ Roro Skip The Best Hire Option For You?

These skips are usually used for commercial settings due to the large volume of space that they require. They are most commonly used for construction projects and are suitable for large and bulky waste. Not only is the skip able to hold large volumes of waste, but it will also significantly minimise costs and disruptions to your project.

Why Choose Ksd Environmental For Your Skip Hire?

We are extremely passionate about providing you with high-quality skips combined with our excellent service. We will ensure that we do everything we can to provide you with a service completely tailored to you and the demands of your workload, so that you can focus on the task at hand, without having to worry about waste disposal.