The Uses Of Skips For House Clearances

Consider Using A Skip To Make Your House Clearance Easier

There comes a time when most of us need a thorough clear out at home. It could be because you’re moving, redecorating or having major building work completed – whatever the reason, you need to get rid of a volume of household belongings before it can get started. A skip for house clearance helps when it comes to getting rid of unwanted items. It’s a convenient service that can be booked for all types of projects for the home.

Free Up Space for a Home Office

Working from home has become a reality for many more of us since the pandemic started. It might be full-time or it could be for a day or two each week, but having a dedicated space makes it much easier to work effectively. By having a sort out and getting rid of stuff you don’t use, you might find you have the perfect area for a desk. Booking a skip for house clearance is ideal – with a place to throw those unwanted items, you will be motivated to clear the space you deserve.

Create an Orderly Garage

If you find yourself rummaging through boxes every time you want something from the garage, it’s time for a proper clear out. Drag everything out and create some shelving so you can arrange your tools, sports gear and other equipment neatly so you can find what you need instantly. With a skip hire for house clearance already at your home, you can throw what you don’t want at the same time. It’s the ideal opportunity to get rid of that old rusty bike, the broken lawnmower and the mouldy camping gear.

Get Ready for your House Renovation

Before the builders arrive, you will need to clear the rooms they are renovating. That means putting all the furniture, ornaments, plants and books somewhere else for a period of time. This usually means every room in the house is affected as you redistribute your belongings. Make it easier by getting rid of as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the renovation. No matter what room you remove items from, it creates much-needed space in your home. Even the loft – you never know when a builder might need to access the attic as part of a renovation.

Make Moving Day Simple

Moving home is a stressful process, but it’s also a great time to have a clearout. Start as early as possible – you’ll be surprised how long it takes to pack up all your possessions. Hire a skip and make sure everything goes in there that is broken, worn out and no longer working. Of course, recycle useful items wherever possible by giving items to charities or offering them to friends and neighbours, but chuck out anything that no longer works properly. Clearing out as you pack means there is less stuff to move, and fewer things to put away at your new place.

What Size Skip Do I Need for a House Clearance?

The 4-yard skip is the size most commonly used for a redecoration project, garden shed clearance or house move. It takes 30 to 40 bin bags of waste as a rough guide to its size. Room enough for a few items of unwanted furniture or an old bathroom suite. If you’re not sure that a 4-yard will be enough, perhaps you know there’s a lot to get rid of, then a size larger is best. The 6-yard skip takes around 50-60 bin bags of rubbish giving you more room for everything you want to dispose of.

Bear in mind that there are a few things that cannot go into a skip. Hazardous chemicals and some electrical appliances have to be recycled at specialist centres and must not be put in a skip, but mattresses, garden furniture, glass, clothing, kitchenware and all general household waste can be loaded in.

KSD Environmental Ltd offers every size of skip for house clearance. Ordering couldn’t be easier, with an online booking service that clearly shows the prices, and you can pay on the website too.

If your house clearance is small, and you simply need a couple of pieces of furniture removed, KSD also offers a bulky waste disposal service. On the website, the prices for each item of bulky waste is clearly displayed so you can compare what you need to the price of hiring a skip. Work out what is best, and book the service that suits your requirements.

KSD operates responsibly – 96.7% of the waste collected is recycled properly keeping landfill deposits to a minimum.

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